Monday, March 18, 2013

Snack Attack

Snacking isn't just for little kids. A busy college student, who may skip a meal or two, may be in need of a snack on-the-go. These thoughts may run through your head from time to time…did I remember to eat breakfast…do I have time to grab dinner before my night class…I’m not going to get lunch with this project due. Snacking can help your blood sugar remain stable throughout the day, keeping your energy up. Avoid snacks high in fat, sugar, and caffeine to make sure you don't crash in the middle of your 3 pm class.

Try, try, and try again to get a balanced breakfast and lunch. To avoid a snack from turning into constant grazing or binging, eat a balanced meal to start your day. Stop for lunch (even if it is 10 minutes). Check out the Dietitian Picks to learn how to choose smarter if you have to stop for fast food.

Never leave your dorm without a snack in the bag. You never know what curve ball you will be thrown by your professors. Group project and you can’t get to the dining hall for lunch! A piece of fruit, granola bar, or a handful of nuts will come in handy in a pinch.

Be prepared and try to pack something on the go. Look for the star (*) to let you know you don’t need your Sponge Bob lunch box to keep them fresh.
  • Cheese squares with flat pretzels
  • Fresh veggies and dip: snap peas, red peppers, carrots with an individual hummus cup
  • Deli turkey wrapped around a cheese stick  with a handful of grapes
  • ½ Whole grain pita with 2 slices cheese
  • *Graham crackers spread with peanut butter and a whole apple
  • *Trailmix Trio: a small handful nuts, a small handful dried fruit, a handful of whole grain cereal
  • *Apple or banana with peanut butter (store the peanut butter in a small storage container)
  • *Freeze a small storage container with yogurt and whole grain cereal. Throw it in your backpack with a spoon and eat it for an afternoon snack.

This blog post was adapted from "How to Manage On-the-Go Snacking for Kids" by Jill Castle, MS, RD, LDN...because college kids are not too old to think about after school snacks.

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