Friday, January 24, 2014

Look What's Cookin' on Campus

Good morning, everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your snow day. It's hard to even believe we have this weather in Houston. Many of us are going to try ways to relax and stay warm today (and probably this weekend, too). My tip? Try cooking something delicious and healthy. Need some ideas or motivation? Or perhaps you're not confident in your cooking abilities? Never fear! The "What's Cooking, Coogs?" Cooking Tour episodes are here! Get warm and cozy on the couch and watch these episodes before testing the recipes for yourself.

First Episode--- Blackened Fish
Second Episode--- Chopped: The Microwave Edition
Third Episode--- Meatloaf

As you can see, we've had three episodes in our cooking tour installment. Our next event will be on February 4th at 7 pm in the Moody Towers Lobby. Be one of the first 30 people to arrive and you'll get a free prize. The show is interactive and fun, showing you tips on how you can prepare healthy meals right here on campus! What makes it even better? Well our next episode will feature Chicken Alfredo... a staple college comfort dish, but we're offering up ways to "healthify" the recipe.

Questions or comments? Feel free to email me at: Stay warm out there, Coogs!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Eating Well This Spring & Always

Welcome back to a new semester here at the University of Houston! Are you working on your New Year's Resolutions? Now is the time that many people find themselves turning to fad diets to accomplish their health goals... DON'T DO IT! Instead, look into resources that offer factual, evidence-based information. Here's a video about how you can burn stubborn belly fat that uses sound advice.

I never shy away from an oppurtunity to share my resources with my clients. Anyone who knows me, knows one of my favorite websites is Eating Well. Eating Well has it all--- great, "never fail" recipes that prove to be both tastey and healthy, as well as health and wellness information. Best of all, the nutrition information comes from other dietitian's which I can't help but love. This website is not about the fad diets, but instead urges healthy lifestyle changes which can help with longterm success.

Eating Well has many other informative videos that I urge you to take a look at. And of course, let me help you achieve your health and wellness resolutions. Don't forget that I offer free nutrition counseling to students, faculty and staff at the University of Houston.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year, New You

Happy 2014! As you ring in the New Year, commit to a healthy lifestyle with these food, nutrition and exercise tips.

1. Eat Breakfast. I've said it before, I'll gladly say it again... breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Refuel your body with a balanced breakfast. Think whole grains, low fat dairy, a lean protein and some fresh fruit to get you started. My favorite breakfast on campus is the Perfect Oatmeal form Starbucks. It has fiber and protein to keep me satisfied throughout the morning. Click here for more info.

2. Love Your Fruit & Veggies. Make half your plate fruits and veggies at each meal. I find that it's super easy to eat lots of fruits and veggies on campus. Visit the Fresh Food Company for lunch--- we have an awesome salad bar stocked with delicious seasonal fruits and veggies. Eating the recommened 5 servings per day is simple at Fresh Food!

3. Fix a Snack. When 3 pm rolls around, you may find yourself hungry and tired. Re-energize with a snack from one of our C-Stores. I love the Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Cup w/ Pretzels. By eating carbs, protein, and heart-healthy fats, this snack is the perfect mid-day pick-me-up.

4. Get Cookin'. Now is the time to learn life skills. You do it already by participating in the academic setting, but what about other important lessons? Stop by our "What's Cooking, Coogs" Cooking Tour. We offer a different cooking class each month and even better... we have prizes! Our next event is Tuesday, February 4th at 7 pm at the Moody Towers Lobby. We're making healthified chicken alfredo... now what college student doesn't love that?

5. Dine Out Defensively. Whether your on campus or off, take time to check out the menu before you leave. If you're eating on campus then you're in luck. Take a look at these Dietitian's Healthy Picks.