Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Be There

What to learn more about nutritious eating and living healthfully? Go no further than these excellent campus events!

Events for September:
- 9/4 (Cougar Woods) & 9/6 (Fresh Food Company) 11:30- 1 pm---- Eat More Breakfast Want to learn more about what a healthy breakfast can do for you? Then this is your event. Afterall, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. I'll be passing out yummy samples of granola, too!
- 9/9 (Fresh Food Company) 11:30- 1 pm---- Meatless Monday: Showcasing Fruits & Veggies It's easy to go meatless one day a week. Going meatless is budget-friendly and sustainable. For this event, the Campus Dietitian will be showcasing delicious ways to incoporate fresh fruits and veggies into your meals. Going meatless doesn't have to be boring to your taste buds!
- 9/17 (Cougar Woods) & 9/18 (Fresh Food Company) 11:30- 1 pm---- The Power of Whole Grains As you may have seen from recent blog posts, carbs ARE good for you! Learn more about how you can incorporate nutritiously packed carbohydrates into your meals. Have you ever tried quinoa? It's a power packed grain... and we'll have samples for you to taste!

You don't want to miss these oppurtunities to learn more about nutrition on campus! For questions and comments email the campus dietitian, Sarah Feye, at feye-sarah@aramark.com.

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