Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Break Me Off a Piece of That

When you walk into a convenience store or gas station, what grabs your attention? Cheetos...Pop Tarts...Slushies...all the healthy stuff, right? Many items at convenience stores are frozen, prepackaged, or processed and they tend to be high in sodium, artery clogging fat, and calories!

Here are some on campus heart healthy snacks to consider:

  • Wheat thins and an apple
  • Pumpkin seeds or nuts with 100% juice
  • Granola with 2% or skim milk
  • Skip the chips and grab popcorn
  • Lara Bar, Nature Valley Bar, or Kind Bar instead of Pop Tarts
  • Soup instead of Mac 'n Cheese
  • If you are craving a sweet treat, grab a push pop instead of an ice cream sandwich
  • Trail mix instead of a snickers
  • Milk or Odwalla juice instead of soda

These snacks can be thrown in a backpack or a purse and easily toted to class. They will be better for your heart than the typical convenience store staples.

Use the nutrition facts labels to help you decide how good the food is for your heart. Remember that a daily value (DV) of 20% or more is considered high. Keep in mind...less sodium, less saturated fat, and less trans fat equals a healthier heart.

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