Monday, January 28, 2013

Give Veg a Chance

…Join Meatless Monday at the University of Houston.

Have you visited one of our dining halls on a Monday lately? You may find something a little different…more meatless options. What’s going on and why has UHDS put chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, and hamburgers aside?
The University of Houston is now a part of a global campaign called Meatless Monday. We have joined schools, restaurants and cities across the country to encourage our diners to eat meatless on Mondays. Interested? Confused? Worried? Read on to find answers to the FAQs.

What is UHDS Meatless Monday?
On Mondays, diners at the Fresh Food Company will find an increased number of vegetarian and                       vegan options.

Is UHDS being cheap?
No! UHDS is celebrating Meatless Monday because…

1.       Meatless Monday is good for YOU. If you increase the amount of fruits, veggies, and whole grains in your diet, you can reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Many people who go meatless have also reported weight loss.

2.       Meatless Monday helps the environment. Animal agriculture (…or raising animals to be used for food) contributes to air pollution. It also affects air quality, soil, and water. The meat industry alone produces 1/5 of the worldwide man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

NOTE #1: If each American made one meal per week meatless it would be like taking 500,000 cars off the roads.

NOTE #2: One pound of beef requires 2500 gallons of water to produce.

3.       Meatless Monday is good for animals (obviously). Going meatless one day per week would save 1.4 billion animals from being factory farmed.

Will I have to go to Cougar Woods to eat meat?
No! The Fresh Food Company will serve a typical menu; however, each station will have a vegetarian version of the dish that is being served. The vegetarian station can (as always) be made into a vegan meal.

Did UHDS make this up?
No! Check out who else is participating…

Do I have to become a vegetarian or vegan to reap the benefits of Meatless Monday?
No! Start by choosing one meal per week to go meatless. Sometimes breakfast is the easiest to start with. Next, try making one day per week completely meatless.

I work out a lot...Can I even meet my protein needs on Meatless Monday?
Yes! Finally, we say yes to something. You can meet your protein needs. Many professional athletes follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. It can be done. Foods that are meatless, but great sources of protein include: milk, yogurt, cheese, beans, legumes, eggs, cottage cheese, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

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