Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Apples to Apples

Apples seem to be the quintessential Fall fruit. They're crisp, delicious, and come in an array of varieties and colors.

But remember--- not all forms of apples are equal. To ensure that you’re getting all the nutritional benefits from apples, be sure to eat the peel and pulp. A whole medium apple has 4.4 g of fiber; an apple without the skin has 2.1 g of fiber; applesauce has 2.7 g per one cup; apple juice has only 0.5 g fiber per one cup. In other words, eating the actual fruit is your rule-of-thumb for optimal nutrition!

Enjoy the Fall season to the fullest! Eat your apples!

Want to try some healthy apple desserts? Stop by the Fresh Food Company on Tuesday, October 8th. Our pastry chef Missy Campbell will be showcasing her culinary skills!

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